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The brand ‘Ayushi Bhasin’ truly believes in representing Indian couture with the right mix of modern and tradition. By blending modern techniques with age-old craftsmanship from India, the brand Ayushi Bhasin has carved a niche for itself.

The inspiration evolves from different cultures. According to Ayushi Bhasin, it’s a lot of fun mixing old contemporary forms with edgy statement components. Each line continues to imbibe the rich Indian craftsmanship with indigenous influences of contemporary silhouettes.

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As a primary aspect, we specialize in statement pieces. Always looking to experiment, Ayushi Bhasin’s design philosophy is edgy and eccentric yet very wearable.

“I have been working on my brand for a while now, and our customers have responded so beautifully to our line,” says the women behind the label Ayushi Bhasin.

The idea is to create statement pieces that would become must-have items.
“These days it’s so important for designers to offer something special; products that feel unique and hard to find, particularly at key times of the year when people are looking for standout items to add to their wardrobe. We need to provide something more than what can be found elsewhere. It has become an integral part of our strategy.”