Reverie is about re-living a seemingly perfect memory. We have merged the world of fantasy with fashion, to highlight the influence imagination has on a personal style and to give women from all walks of life a way to connect with clothing.

Our motifs evolve from different cultures. Mixing old contemporary forms with edgy statement components, each line continues to imbibe the rich Indian craftsmanship with indigenous influences of contemporary silhouettes. The collection is all about youthful cuts and a sense of lightness. An exquisite couture galore from thread work with crystals and sequins and floral appliqués provides great surface interest.

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The brand ‘Ayushi Bhasin’ reinvents tradition in a nouveau style. The brand, launched in 2018, gives tradition a new look and colour a new definition. It’s Euro-Indian sensibilities gives a fresh take on Indian techniques with modern silhouette and intricate details making it timeless and effortlessly elegant.

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